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After two successful events in Korea and Singapore, FinTech Asia Forum is heading to The Big Durian – Jakarta, Indonesia. This time around, we will be focusing on FinTech trends and developments in emerging markets across Asia with a special focus in Indonesia, through an interactive panel session with industry players.

Asia is a fragmented region made up of many countries with varying levels of regulatory requirements, customer needs, habits, customs, languages and more. Besides that, Asia consists of strong developed markets, such as the 4 Asian Tigers – Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and more. It is interesting to see how completely different markets, with different stages of technology, innovation and acceptance rates interact within the Fintech ecosystem.

During the panel, we will discuss strategies to capture the different opportunities as well as compare and contrast the similarities and differences present in these markets

Get your tickets here: Fintech Asia Forum Jakarta Tickets

Tickets are only USD$10 during the early-bird promotion (ends November 1). Normal tickets are priced at USD$15.

Event Details:
Date: 10 November 2015
Time: 12:00PM-4:00PM (GMT +8)
Venue: Conclave, Jalan Wijaya 1 No. 5C, Jakarta, Indonesia 12170

Tentative agenda:
Fintech Asia Panel: “FinTech in Developed vs. Emerging Markets in Asia”

Fintech Asia Forum

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On November 18, 2015

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